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About us


We are only2me...

A Portuguese women's footwear brand that combines design with comfort, by gathering handicraft techniques with new technological processes in the manufacture of shoes in Portugal.

How did it emerge?

Only2me combines experience and sense of opportunity. Founded by Lekip, a company working in the footwear area since 1999, it has been praising Portuguese production, highlighting it around all the world as a private label.

Lekip, a company synonymous with quality and irreverence, which in 2007, with all the experience gathered over the years, transports itself to the front line, presenting itself to the consumer with an identity, only2me.


Who is our inspiration?

Only2me was designed for the contemporary woman, who seeks comfort and design in a single product. For women whose ambitions have no limits and who, throughout the day, present themselves in different looks where only2me is a faithful ally.

For women who celebrate achievements and face the challenges of everyday life with conviction, comfort, sense of aesthetics and the latest trends are, undoubtedly, key factors when making their choices.


Who makes my only2me?

Proudly Portuguese. All shoes are carefully made in Portugal, revealing all tradition, excellence in raw materials and experience in the art of footwear. The proximity between brand, producers and suppliers is one of the main factors that daily contributes to the growth and progress of only2me. Sustainability in the production method and social responsibility are commitments that prevail in the brand's DNA.

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Our Voice

Each pair of shoes tells a story between the past and the future. Only2me came to fill a gap that existed in the area of ​​women's footwear. It reinvents the classics by adapting them to new trends, by combining comfort, design and beauty and creating unique products.


by Portuguese hands


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